On the face of it, the Black Lives Matter protests are sparking all the rioting and looting nationwide. But that is way too easy, convenient and simplistic. As such, it also feeds stereotypes and racism.

We are often told that pictures don’t lie, but when you look closer at what is happening in our communities a new reality begins to emerge.

As these videos show there is a group of individuals who are not minorities that are not only pouring gasoline on the fire, they are the ones starting those same fires.

One of these videos shows a white man paying money to a minority, encouraging him to loot and telling him where to go.

The second one, what seems to be a white woman is seen spray painting BLM on the side of a building as a black woman tells them to stop. She rightly points out it is the black community that will be blamed.

Good for her. She is absolutely correct.

It is an embarrassment and shame that we have these types of people who are promoting divisiveness and perpetuating racial stereotypes about the black community.

Justice would be holding these agitators to account for their actions, and for our leaders to find out who is paying these people to burn up our communities. Because our communities deserve better than this.

This article was written by Stevan Allen and Hector Barajas