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  • Despite Trump’s ‘burn, burn, burn’ policies, renewable energy capacity now exceeds coal’s
  • Rumblings / Heard on the Street
  • Congress and White House Urged to Prepare for the Next Eventual Crisis: Food & Water Shortages in CA and the West


  • As 2.7 million Californians File for Unemployment, Democrats Want Pay Raises for Their Largest Political Donors – Unions
  • “Nation-State” Newsom Sends 500 Desperately Needed Ventilators to Other States
  • America Unfiltered


  • Most of California’s Rainwater goes Wasted down the Drain
  • West Oakland Food Desert Finally gets a Full-Service Grocery Store
  • EPA Battles Rats with Rodenticide to Protect Human Health


  • Despite Climate Challenges California Waterfowl Continue to Thrive
  • Bumblebees Need a Diverse Diet Too
  • Male honeybees inject queens with blinding toxins during sex


  • Farmers and Food banks Team up To Feed America
  • Farmworkers are Essential – CA Growers are pushing against potential federal farmworker pay cut
  • 150 Farm and Water Organizations Alert Policymakers of an Obvious Crisis in the Making: Water and Food Shortages