Despite Governor Newsom having his own credibility issues, it was refreshing to hear him call out Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. – not only for advocating for the release of his father’s assassin and his anti-vaccine rants – but also for spreading misinformation.

Newsom was less diplomatic, calling RFK, Jr. a liar and someone who directly misleads people, as reported in CalMatters.

For far too long, Kennedy, Jr. has exploited the legendary Camelot-Kennedy brand to undermine reality through is various conspiracy theories and unsupported health claims about vaccines, pesticides, and chemicals amongst other issues.

Apparently, it takes a BIG LIAR to attack what he calls on his website “BIG PHARMA, BIG FOOD, BIG TECH, BIG ENERGY AND BIG CHEMICAL.”

It is rare when a politician offers such unvarnished criticisms of someone within his own political party. But kudos to Newsom for not sugar-coating his view of RFK Jr., who deserves to be marginalized for being a dishonest whack job and bringing dishonor to the Kennedy name.