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Time to Control Electric Cable Chaos for Consumers

By Stevan Allen  It’s that time again, when, for better or worse, California lawmakers begin introducing several thousand bills for the new legislative session. This…

House Control As Trump Launches Third Run for President 

By: Hector Barajas and Mike Vallante

No Red Wave, Fetterman Wins, Eating Crow, Not Turkey

By: Hector Barajas and Mike Vallante

Stop Begging, and Let’s Start Producing Our Own Energy Independence 

By: Hector Barajas and Mike Vallante

Cost to Raise a Child: $300,000 

In an article by the Wall Street Journal, they looked at the Brooking Institute analysis showing that with inflationary costs, a middle-class family will spend approximately…

Sylvester Stallone, Kevin Hart, and the Kardashians Accused of Drought Violations 

Las Virgenes Municipal Water District issued “notices of exceedance” to 2,000 customers who surpassed 150 percent of their monthly water budgets. Among those cited were…

On This Earth Day, Become An Gardening Hero

By: The Team at It’s Earth Day!  Today is a good time to remind everyone about the need to be responsible stewards of the environment…

Franchises Are Under Attack Again 

The State of California cannot even manage the business of government, so it is always galling when the legislature attempts to insert itself into areas…

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