The California GOP is under fire for putting ballot boxes in churches, gun shops and GOP campaign headquarters. The party is being accused of deceiving voters into thinking these are “official” ballot boxes. While this is highly suspect and deserves scrutiny, there is a larger matter of concern — the whole concept of “ballot harvesting.”

Ballot harvesting is legal and allows third parties to collect and submit election ballots. The idea is to help boost voter participation. In theory, this would seem a  benevolent way to help the elderly, infirm and others during elections.

But as is so often the case, this law is nothing more than the manufacturing of sheep’s costumes designed for a pack of wolves. California Democrats put this law into place, and it is common knowledge that party loyalists,  especially armies of union members, are enlisted to show up on doorsteps to collect ballots in left-leaning neighborhoods.

Unions also have ballot boxes in union halls, so that really isn’t much different than what the GOP is doing.

As Politico reported in April:

“The ‘ballot harvesting’ practice was used by California Democrats in the 2018 election, and party officials said it not only aided older and disabled voters, but proved an effective ground game in increasing turnout”

Ballot harvesting is a recipe for disaster because it allows both parties to touch ballots that should be independently cast. Allowing for middle men is a horrible idea that invites abuse and corruption. How can that contribute to public confidence about the integrity of the process?

No one should come between a voter and their county election office.

So yes, the GOP should be taken to task because it is sleazy. But it is hypocritical for Democrats to cry foul. They created this mess.