A job significantly impacts a worker, their family, and the broader community in which they live. 

Stable employment is much more than just regular income or the ability to pay bills and save for the future. It also provides self-worth, fulfillment, and opportunities for learning new skills, gaining experience, and advancing one’s career.

A thriving job market can contribute to a community’s economic growth, with more jobs leading to more spending and investment in the local economy. Good paying jobs provide financial stability to families. With the security of a job, families can afford better housing, food, education, and other necessities, contributing to a better quality of life.

California’s oil and gas industry is made up of 55,000 hardworking men and women who get up every day and do the heavy lifting so that we can get to work, power our homes, put our kids through school, and allow California’s economy to continue moving forward. 

Nearly half of these 55,000 dedicated men and women only have a high school education; some are “second chancers,” having served time in prison, and many are people of color. 

Oil and gas jobs provide a significant source of income for workers, contribute to economic growth, and support vital public services like police and fire departments. They offer stability and security, helping employees support themselves and their families. For many of our energy workers without a college degree, these positions provide a pathway to the middle class—a career to be proud of.